USA Update 2020 - Battle for the White House


Donald Trump has a “hair robot” living on his head and Joe Biden has a magic remote that he can use to mute his opponent when he doesn’t stop talking during the presidential TV debate. – Well, at least this is true in the clips from “The Simpsons” and “Saturday Night Live” that Dr. Markus Hünemörder showed to all English students of the Q12 at MMGG last Monday, October 12th.

Dr. Hünemörder (LMU) who is a renowned specialist on American history and political science, spent the afternoon at our school to give a lecture called “USA Update 2020: Battle for the White House”.

To make a “live” lecture possible despite the current pandemic situation, Dr. Hünemörder agreed to give his talk twice in a row in order to have a reduced number of listeners.

First he gave a thorough analysis of Donald Trump’s controversial presidency, talking about immigration, foreign policy, approval ratings, reasons for his election in 2016 – and of course Trump’s hair style.

Then he went on to describe all the crises that Trump has had to deal with in the course of the past year (the Covid-19 pandemic, economic disruption, Black Lives Matter Protests) and what this means for the ongoing election campaigns.

The students had the unique opportunity to hear from an absolute expert all the crucial aspects surrounding the presidential election 2020 in the United States, learn about the importance of “Swing States” and what the “Electoral College” is all about – while being entertained at the same time.

Afterwards many students seized their chance to ask detailed questions on the topic and engage in discussion with our guest speaker, for example on how difficult the situation might become after the election on November 3rd if the counting of the absentee ballots takes a long time in some states.

Whatever the outcome, comedians – and Dr. Hünemörder – will certainly not lack material in the next months to come!


 (Carolin Brill)