Pag′s Instant Theatre für die 7. Klassen des GG am 06.10.2017

Pag Naylor, ein freier Künstler aus Leeds, entwickelte mit den 7. Klassen des Gymnasiums Grafing ein Improvisationstheater. Das Skript dazu erfanden die Schüler zunächst selbst, spontan, Stück für Stück, und sehr kreativ, indem sie genau auf Pags kleinschrittige Fragen antworten mussten. Im Anschluss durften sie selbst in die verschiedenen Rollen schlüpfen und ihr eigenes Theater inszenieren. Folgende verrückte Geschichte kam dabei heraus:


The Green Village

Take 1:

It was a rainy Friday evening in Green Village at 11 pm in winter. James was an old man and he was a strong ex soldier. He loved cooking and his favourite food was pizza. He was also very stupid so he read books to get more intelligent. One day he read a book with the title Green Village. It was about ghosts who killed people in Green Village. James knew that there were no ghosts in real life and so he realized that he was more intelligent than the book. He freaked out because he had always thought that he was the most stupid person on earth but now there was something that was more stupid than himself. Because he freaked out, he suddenly started to run against the wall of his room. But suddenly the wall disappeared. Behind the wall there was a dungeon and in it he saw 100 green ghosts which looked like his mother. Also there were 100 ghosts which looked like his father. His mother had died in a car accident and his father had died while he was cooking, because the kitchen burnt down.

The 100 ghost mothers all had knives and they put their knives in the hearts of the ghost fathers and shouted “You will die!” And the ghost fathers shouted “You are too fat! Arrgg!” And James shouted “OMG!!”


Take 2:

But then, suddenly, there was a tiger who started eating the 100 green ghost mothers. James threw a book on the tiger but the tiger caught it and started to read. After a while he said “This book is more stupid than me! This can't be true!” So the tiger freaked out and ran against the wall and hurt his head. James ran to the toilet to get a glass of water for the tiger. He liked the tiger. But when he came back from the toilet the tiger was already dead. James saw a baby tiger that came out of the tiger's head. James said “LOL” and took a picture of it. Then he went to The Newspaper of Green Village. He thought that this picture had to be in the newspaper. But it was 11 pm so The Newspaper was of course closed. So James broke in and waited until someone came. He showed his photo to the women who came into the store in the morning. Suddenly his ghost mother came into The Newspaper and wanted to see the wonderful photo of the tiger. But James didn't give it to her. She got very angry and wanted to have the photo. James wanted to know why. “Because it is the connection to the Ghost World”, she said. She jumped into the air, flew to her son and grabbed the photo. Then she took a gun and killed the woman and James. The moment he got killed, James said “You're really too fat.”


(Texte: Schüler der Klasse 7b)